The Lewes Beach area of the Delaware Beaches offers much to see for travelers interested in stunning natural locales, charming amusement parks, ample outdoor recreation, and an intriguing connection to Coast Guard and United States military history. In this regard, Cape Henlopen State Park provides visitors with an experience that is equal parts history and natural beauty. Read on below to learn more about this wonderful attraction in Lewes Beach!

A Scenic Attraction Close to Lewes Beach

Residing on a former military base, Cape Henlopen State Park is now dedicated to giving visitors and locals alike a space for picturesque hiking and biking, picnicking, fun days spent on the beach, sweeping ocean views, incredible annual events and festivals, and even an eighteen-hole disc golf course.

For those searching for a one-of-a-kind picture to remember their stay along the Delaware Beaches by, Cape Henlopen State Park’s observation tower—which dates back to World War II—is a fantastic place to visit. Here, you can uninterrupted views of the Atlantic Ocean, its shimmering waves undulating out across the horizon as far as the eye can see. This view is particularly beautiful if you happen to visit around sunset, as the sun sinks below the ocean and casts vibrantly-hued reflections over the water.

Cape Henlopen State Park is also home to a lovely swimming beach that also includes rentals for umbrellas and Mobi-Mats, which are thirty-foot mats designed to accommodate visitors in wheelchairs and power chairs so that they can enjoy the beach too. Additionally, this area of the park also has a bath house with changing rooms, showers, and even a concession stand. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

If you’re interested in getting your blood pumping while taking in the sights of the park, you can bike along the three-mile loop, or climb to the top of a former military bunker. Hiking trails include the Pinelands Nature Trail and the Seaside Nature Trail, as well as the six miles of beaches.

The park is open from 8:00am until sunset daily.

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Nestled between the busy vacation cities of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland, Fenwick Island State Park is a quiet retreat from the more tourist-filled areas along the east coast. Stretching over three miles of undisturbed barrier island, Fenwick offers all the fun of surf and sea without the crowds. Whether you want to spend your day in the sea or on land, Fenwick Island State Park is perfect natural destination along the Atlantic coast!

History of Fenwick Island State Park

This little strip of barrier dunes between the Atlantic Ocean and Little Assawoman Bay were protected from the forces of nature, and over time, created this beautiful undisturbed strip of beachside paradise that we know today. In 1966, it was designated as a part of the Delaware Seashore State Park, but was eventually distinguished as a separate entity in 1981. Today, it is a great place to go out and enjoy nature!

Activities in the Fenwick Park

With three miles of shoreline, swimming, sunbathing, and boating are naturally some of the favorite activities of visitors to Fenwick Island State Park. It is also one of the few places in Delaware to have a designated surfing area, so definitely come prepared to catch big waves. Lifeguards patrol the beach every day during the busy season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, the fun here extends far beyond the shore! Nature enthusiasts will want to hike the 2.6-mile trail, which is also horse-friendly, and discover the changes from sea to land. With over 300 acres in the park, you will always find something new to explore!

Available Amenities

Picnic tables, showers, and restroom amenities make Fenwick Island State Park a comfortable place to spend the whole day. Although there are no camping facilities, a day here is more than enough fun! There is also a snack stand and a shop that rents beach equipment, so you can enjoy the surf, even if you leave your boogie board at home. Designated pet areas allow you to bring even the furry members of your family along. A boat ramp and rentals allow you to head out into the water to fish, explore, or simply enjoy. Best of all, everyone is welcome here, as the beach is set up for wheelchair access. Enjoy a fun, sun-filled day of swimming, surfing, fishing, hiking and more at Fenwick Island State Park!

The beautiful beaches of Delaware bring people from all over to enjoy the shores, and one of the best places to soak up the sun is in Delaware Seashore State Park! This 2825-acre seashore state park offers plenty of opportunities for fun, both in the sea and along its shores. First established as a state park in 1965, it now hosts millions of visitors each year. Whether you are looking for fun in the sun, sand, or sea, Delaware Seashore State Park is a must visit!

Camping at Delaware Seashore

One of those most popular activities in Delaware Seashore State Park is camping. The campgrounds here can accommodate any type of camper, from those who enjoy tent sleeping all the way up to large RV units. April through November is the prime camping season and full-service camping is available, which includes water, electric, sewer, and showers. December through March is the slow season for camping, and only electric and sewer hookups are available. Full hookups are only available on certain sites, so be sure to book in advance if you need these amenities. Regardless of season, there is a fee in order to camp here, but there is no better way to enjoy the beauty of the Delaware Seashore State Park!

Swimming and Sunbathing

Many visitors enjoy simply sunbathing along the shore or swimming in the waters here. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, lifeguards patrol the beach between 9am and 5pm each day. The swimming areas feature changing rooms and modern bathhouses with showers. Umbrellas, chairs, and rafts are available for rent along the beach as well. There is also wheelchair and powerchair access to the beach located next to the boardwalk, so everyone can enjoy the beautiful beaches here!

Surfing and Sailboating

Believe it or not, the Delaware shores offer great waves for surfing! The beach located just north of the inlet is one of the only spots in the whole state that is designated for surfers. Due to the shallow bay here, this has also become a great spot for sailboating and windsurfing. For those that aren’t quite that adventurous, the shores offer great viewing for these exciting sports.

Other Activities

There are endless activities in Delaware Seashore State Park. You can also enjoy fishing, clamming, crabbing, picnicking, boating, and so much more. The full-service amenities available will make it so you won’t want to leave!

Rehoboth Beach & Boardwalk   Holt’s Landing State Park   Fenwick Island State Park

There are many beautiful spots on untamed land in Delaware, but Holts Landing State Park is truly a hidden gem in the Diamond State. The state park spans over 200 acres of land which transitions from sandy bays to thick woodland. This is one of the quieter state parks, perfect for those who want to get away from the more well-known or touristy areas. Holt State Park can be your oasis by the sea during your next visit to the Delaware coast!


History of the Land


What is now known as Holts Landing State Park was originally populated by Native American groups, who took advantage of the shallow marshes and the surrounding woods for fishing and hunting. After European settlers arrived, small pockets of agriculture began to crop up around these bays and marshes. The land was privately owned by the Holt family, who maintained the area as their farmland for generations. In 1965, the first piece of land was transferred to the state, forming the first piece of what is now Holts Landing State Park.


Ocean Fun


Holts Landing State Park gets its name, in part, from the family that used to own the land, but it also gets its name from the boat landing on the site. One of the most popular activities in Holts Landing State Park is to take advantage of this landing dock and take a boat out for a ride! It also features a pier, built in 2001, specifically for crabbing. Crabbing is a popular activity here due to the abundance of crabs in the area. Other popular activities include sunbathing, swimming, and fishing along the shore and the pier.


Hiking Trails and Campgrounds


Holts Landing State Park features two hiking trails: Sea Hawk Trail and Seahorse Trail. Both are easy, looped trails under 1.5 miles. Sea Hawk trailhead is accessible from the parking lot, and runs along the shore. This is a popular hike for birdwatchers. Seahorse Trail is wide enough to accommodate hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders and loops through the grassy meadows of the area. If you enjoy your time in Holts Landing State Park, you can stay the night in one of their campgrounds. For a $3 fee per night, enjoy “primitive” camping (meaning tent only). Although they do not feature the amenities of more luxurious campsites, this is truly a fun way to rough it.

Sun, surf, hiking, camping, and more make Holts Landing State Park a must-visit for the nature enthusiast!

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Those seeking the quiet serenity of nature needs look no further than Assawoman State Wildlife Area. This part of the Delaware wildness is a must go for those that want to let go of the city life and spend time with nature. There are so many things to explore here, from bird watching and boating, to self-guided tours and picnic areas. Discover what makes Assawoman State Wildlife Area so special during your next vacation to Delaware!


The Land


The Assawoman State Wildlife Area consists of three large tracts of land that combine to total over 3000 acres of wilderness. This means that there is so much to explore, and each visit allows you to experience something new! Much of the land was once thriving farmland that was abandoned during the Great Depression, along Mother Nature to take over. Today, this area makes for great bird watching, especially for bald eagles, who thrive in this habitat. Also, like the name suggests, the Assawoman wildlife area is true wilderness, so keep an eye out for other wild animals, including river otters and woodpeckers.


How to Explore


The safest way to navigate through the Assawoman State Wildlife Area is to drive along the self-guided auto tour. This will take you through all the most popular scenic destinations. You will also see signage for hiking trails, boat landing docks, and picnic areas. If you feel the need to go off-trail, be aware your surroundings. During hunting season, wearing hunter’s orange is a must for your safety and the safety of others. Also, off the beaten path also means little or no signage, so many visitors bring a compass or a GPS to ensure they make it back safe!




For many people, Assawoman State Wildlife Area is a retreat from the busy ocean areas in the state. It is not uncommon to see locals with binoculars trying to spot a new bird. You can also kayak or canoe along the river, giving you a great change of meeting a river otter or two! Hiking is also a popular activity, and the trails range from easy walks all the way up to vigorous, expert hikes. Fishing and mountain biking are also common. Best of all, Assawoman State Wildlife Area is pet friendly, so bring your pooch with you on your adventure!

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