Those seeking the quiet serenity of nature needs look no further than Assawoman State Wildlife Area. This part of the Delaware wildness is a must go for those that want to let go of the city life and spend time with nature. There are so many things to explore here, from bird watching and boating, to self-guided tours and picnic areas. Discover what makes Assawoman State Wildlife Area so special during your next vacation to Delaware!

The Land

The Assawoman State Wildlife Area consists of three large tracts of land that combine to total over 3000 acres of wilderness. This means that there is so much to explore, and each visit allows you to experience something new! Much of the land was once thriving farmland that was abandoned during the Great Depression, along Mother Nature to take over. Today, this area makes for great bird watching, especially for bald eagles, who thrive in this habitat. Also, like the name suggests, the Assawoman wildlife area is true wilderness, so keep an eye out for other wild animals, including river otters and woodpeckers.

How to Explore

The safest way to navigate through the Assawoman State Wildlife Area is to drive along the self-guided auto tour. This will take you through all the most popular scenic destinations. You will also see signage for hiking trails, boat landing docks, and picnic areas. If you feel the need to go off-trail, be aware your surroundings. During hunting season, wearing hunter’s orange is a must for your safety and the safety of others. Also, off the beaten path also means little or no signage, so many visitors bring a compass or a GPS to ensure they make it back safe!


For many people, Assawoman State Wildlife Area is a retreat from the busy ocean areas in the state. It is not uncommon to see locals with binoculars trying to spot a new bird. You can also kayak or canoe along the river, giving you a great change of meeting a river otter or two! Hiking is also a popular activity, and the trails range from easy walks all the way up to vigorous, expert hikes. Fishing and mountain biking are also common. Best of all, Assawoman State Wildlife Area is pet friendly, so bring your pooch with you on your adventure!

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