Located on Cape Henlopen close to Lewes Beach, Fort Miles today stands as a reminder of the defensive measures our country took to protect our homeland from foreign invaders during World War II. Learn more about this intriguing historical Rehoboth attraction down below!

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Plans for Fort Miles were first approved in 1934 as a way to defend the Delaware River and Delaware Bay, as well as to protect America’s domestic shipping from enemies. However, it would be seven years before the fort was completed on December 4, 1941—a mere matter of days before Japan attached Pearl Harbor. Fort Miles also had a controlled naval minefield in the Delaware River estuary to prevent enemy ships from entering.

Despite housing upwards of 2,200 soldiers and installing batteries, Fort Miles never saw any wartime action. In 1948, the majority of Fort Miles was labeled as surplus, though the fort continued to be partially used through the early 1990s.

Today, Fort Miles is home to picturesque views of rolling sand dunes, the Fort Miles Museum, and the Fort Miles Historical Area. The museum includes a fire control tower, an orientation building, six barracks, the Fort Miles Artillery Park, and Battery 519 (fortified underground chamber spanning 15,000 square feet). In addition, there are numerous informational exhibits on the fort’s role in our national defense from World War II through the early 1970s. The museum also elaborates on the state of Delaware’s contributions to America’s World War II efforts, from wartime heroes and civilian pilots to submarine battles out at sea.

Fort Miles also houses an art gallery, guided tours of the grounds, an armaments collection of World War II technology that was considered cutting-edge in the era, and interpretive programs.

The grounds of the Fort Miles Museum are open daily, from 8:00am until sunset. However, public access to the museum is only granted through open houses and guided tours of the facilities. The Museum Orientation Building is open between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays from early March through early June. From mid-June through early September, the Orientation Building holds the same hours, but extends their operational days to Tuesday through Saturday.

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