When you visit a classic beach town, such as Rehoboth Beach, you can expect great surf, sand, and sun. After all, they don’t call it the “Nation’s Summer Destination” for nothing! However, beyond the ocean fun lies even more adventure for the whole family at Funland amusement park. Located in Rehoboth Beach, Funland is a classic boardwalk amusement park, featuring rides, midway games, and attractions. This family owned and operated business is the perfect location for family friendly summer fun in Rehoboth Beach!

History of Funland Amuseument Park

Two brothers, Allen and Don Fasnacht, were vacationing along the Delaware shore in 1961 with their parents and their wives, when they discovered what would become Funland. Allen and Don owned a family friendly park of their own back home in Maryland, and they were intrigued when they stumbled upon the then-named Rehoboth Beach Sports Center. Lucky for them, the owner was willing to sell and they were able to strike up a deal. Despite the Great Atlantic Storm of 1962, their plan to buy the park went through, and has grown tremendously since then through added rides and park expansion. Today, Allen and Don, along with their 5 children, 4 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren, are still involved in the day to day business of Funland Amuseument Park.

Rides and Attractions

Rehoboth Beach’s Funland features over 20 rides, including 5 original rides from when the Fasnacht family first opened in 1962! They range from class amusement park rides, such as the carousel, to more thrilling and modern rides such as the Superflip 360! 14 rides are great for all ages, while there 6 rides that are aimed at thrill seekers. In addition to the rides, Funland also has 17 midway games for all ages, a haunted house attraction, and an arcade filled with fun!

Ticket Prices and Information

Much like a classic amusement park or carnival, Funland tickets are for sale at one of two ticket booths and can be redeemed for admission on the rides and attractions. The smaller rides range from 1-3 tickets each, while the more thrilling rides may cost up to 6 tickets. Buying more tickets ensures a better value, and tickets can cost as little as 25 cents each! Best of all, they never expire, so hold onto to extra tickets for your next visit.

Hours of Operation

Funland Amuseument Park operates seasonally, from mid-May to early-September. Typically, the midway games open at 10am, with rides opening at 1pm, and the haunted mansion opening at 6:30, but hours do vary depending on the day. Also, they have no set closing hours, it is dependent on number of guests and weather, so be sure to check ahead if you are planning on arriving later in the day.

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