There are many beautiful spots on untamed land in Delaware, but Holts Landing State Park is truly a hidden gem in the Diamond State. The state park spans over 200 acres of land which transitions from sandy bays to thick woodland. This is one of the quieter state parks, perfect for those who want to get away from the more well-known or touristy areas. Holt State Park can be your oasis by the sea during your next visit to the Delaware coast!

History of the Land

What is now known as Holts Landing State Park was originally populated by Native American groups, who took advantage of the shallow marshes and the surrounding woods for fishing and hunting. After European settlers arrived, small pockets of agriculture began to crop up around these bays and marshes. The land was privately owned by the Holt family, who maintained the area as their farmland for generations. In 1965, the first piece of land was transferred to the state, forming the first piece of what is now Holts Landing State Park.

Ocean Fun

Holts Landing State Park gets its name, in part, from the family that used to own the land, but it also gets its name from the boat landing on the site. One of the most popular activities in Holts Landing State Park is to take advantage of this landing dock and take a boat out for a ride! It also features a pier, built in 2001, specifically for crabbing. Crabbing is a popular activity here due to the abundance of crabs in the area. Other popular activities include sunbathing, swimming, and fishing along the shore and the pier.

Hiking Trails and Campgrounds

Holts Landing State Park features two hiking trails: Sea Hawk Trail and Seahorse Trail. Both are easy, looped trails under 1.5 miles. Sea Hawk trailhead is accessible from the parking lot, and runs along the shore. This is a popular hike for birdwatchers. Seahorse Trail is wide enough to accommodate hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders and loops through the grassy meadows of the area. If you enjoy your time in Holts Landing State Park, you can stay the night in one of their campgrounds. For a $3 fee per night, enjoy “primitive” camping (meaning tent only). Although they do not feature the amenities of more luxurious campsites, this is truly a fun way to rough it.

Sun, surf, hiking, camping, and more make Holts Landing State Park a must-visit for the nature enthusiast!

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