Right Balance Pilates opened in Lewes, DE in January, 2017. The studio, which has ten Allegro II Reformers, hosts both group and private Reformer and Mat Pilates throughout the year, and FLOAT Pilates throughout the summer. Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on balance, control, breathing and a complete body workout matching a breathing pattern to each movement. Each of the instructors at Right Balance is comprehensively trained on all of Pilates equipment and completes each value-packed workout in a safe, fun environment.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates has become so popular because it builds long, lean muscles and each movement works a variety of different small muscles and is safe for men and women of all ages. Each workout is different, and can help with posture, back pain, and rehabilitation after an injury. The Reformer is a large bed like piece of equipment with a frame and a carriage that moves back and forth with a pulley system of weights. The intensity of each exercise can be adjusted for the strength and physical conditions of the person performing the exercise.

How do you Use It?

The main thing that has made the reformer so popular is it can be used in an endless variety of ways. Firstly, there are infinite variations in the way you interact with it, whether you are more comfortable sitting, lying down, standing, or kneeling. You can perform exercises in any one of these and countless more postures. One common workout is to keep your feet on the frame of the reformer and place your hands on the carriage so when you extend you are in push-up position. By drawing your hands closer to your feet and back out again, you are doing one of the best core workouts you can do on any piece of equipment.

Benefits of this Type of Exercise

The reformer can improve every aspect of your physical condition. If you are someone who has suffered many muscle strains, the reformer allows you to perform deeper and more targeted stretching than ever before. Using the reformer in different ways also goes a long way in improving coordination and balance. When you put all of this together, you will experience immediate and noticeable improvements, not only in your training, but in your daily life activities.


Right Balance Pilates offers classes throughout the day to accommodate different schedules. There are four levels of classes: Lite, Level 1, 1.5 and 2. The level coordinates with the intensity of the class, the speed in which the class moves, and the level of difficulty of chorography during each movement. At Right Balance, both Mat and Reformer Pilates have become very popular and classes are often booked weeks in advance. During the summer, Right Balance offers a unique form of Pilates called FLOAT, on tethered floating Aquaphysical boards on the pool.

At Right Balance Pilates, you will find some of the most innovative techniques for exercising your body. But above all, you will find a loving environment that sole purpose is to improve the lives of those that walk through the doors. After one class at Right Balance Pilates, you will not want to work out anywhere else. Visit the Right Balance Pilates website at or email for more information or to sign up for classes.    A schedule and full description of each class can be found on the website.

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