Rental Policies


RE/MAX Realty Group welcomes you to our Delaware Beaches vacation rental property.
Please take a few moments to read the information below to help make your stay a pleasant one.
Check-in hours are from 3pm to 5pm.  Please plan your arrival accordingly. Lessee (person whose name the Weekly Lodging Agreement is registered to) must pick up keys.  If the lessee is unable to do so, the designated person must be 25 years of age or older with valid identification and must supply a copy of the confirmation agreement.  KEYS are not available before 3pm.  If you will be arriving after 5pm, please notify our office so we can make arrangements for your keys and rental packet. 

Any discrepancies and/or damages at the property must be reported within 24 hours of check-in.  Cleaning discrepancies must be reported within 1 hour of check-in.  Do not wait to tell us when you are checking out that something was broken. 

Check-out is promptly at 10am. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Keys, pool passes and permits that were picked up at our office must be returned to our office at that time. There is a drop box by the front office door for early departures. 
Units are designed for a 15-degree differential from outside temperature.  If the air conditioner is not on when you check-in, don’t expect immediate results.  Set the thermostat at 72 degrees (maximum efficiency); please be sure all windows and doors are closed.  As the property cools off you may adjust the thermostat to your comfort level. 
Please keep in mind that lowering the thermostat under 68 degrees may cause the coils to freeze, resulting in prolonged loss of cooling that will require 24 hours to reset itself.  If after following this procedure your air conditioning is still not cooling, call our office for assistance.

1. Please allow adequate time (24 hrs) for the refrigerator to cool newly placed food and beverages.  Please allow time for the refrigerator to get cool prior to calling our office for an unnecessary service call.
2. Do not turn the refrigerator up to High. Make sure the temperature setting is set about one number above half way for the refrigerator and freezer to work properly.
3. Do not stuff it full of warm food and beverages for the first 12-18 hours. Put in only those items that must be refrigerated immediately and allow them to cool.  Gradually add soft drinks and other items that do not require immediate refrigeration.
4. Keep the door shut. Constantly opening and closing the door will not allow food, drinks, etc. to cool.  If your refrigerator is still warm after 24hrs, please call us.

Occupancy is strictly limited to the number of persons on the agreement regardless of the amount of bedding.

Please respect the wishes of the property owner and do not smoke in the home!  Please smoke in designated areas and discard your cigarette in the appropriate place.  Do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground as this may result in a fine for the home owner from the home owners’ association.

MOST homes are NOT pet friendly.  Pets are strictly prohibited unless renting a pet friendly home. Violation will be subject to immediate termination of your agreement and your deposit and all rental monies will be forfeited.  You will also be charged the cost of cleaning and extermination.

Most of our homeowners do not provide linens, but we have a rental package we can offer you that incudes sheets and pillowcases for all your beds (including sleeper sofas), and a set of towels (bath towel, hand towel and washcloth) for the maximum occupancy of your house. They will be delivered to your door on the day of your arrival in a big sturdy plastic tub. On departure, you will be required to strip the beds and gather your towels and pack them back into the tub, and return the tub to the same place where you found it for pickup. If you’re interested, please ask us for a price as it varies from one house to another.

Each rental property is privately owned and is furnished according to the owners’ individual style.  Basic equipment and furnishings are provided for a comfortable vacation.  In the event of a breakdown, immediate repair is not guaranteed.  Guests will need to provide their own linens and towels (unless otherwise stated on your Guest Lodging Agreement), beach equipment, all toiletries, paper, and soap products.  Please refer to our vacation rental checklist for assistance.

It is your responsibility to leave the unit in the manner in which you found it.  Make sure trash is disposed in the designated areas.

Please use the outside showers when returning from the beach to prevent sand from collecting in the drains 

If the electric does not work, make sure the item is plugged in, the wall switch is on, and the circuit breaker has not been tripped.  If tripped, flip the breaker to turn off and then on again. If the problem persists, please call our office.

The majority of plumbing service calls is complaints of stopped up toilets.  Please be careful what you put down the toilet and make sure you use the plunger that has been provided to release the drain.  If the plunger does not work please call our office for assistance.  DO NOT flush female sanitary products, diapers, Kleenex, baby wipes, and cleaning wipes down the toilet.  If a plumber is called to service the clog and there are products found other than toilet paper, you may be responsible for the plumbing service charge.

We understand you may not want to be disrupted during your visit, but please do tell us as problems occur. We are happy to send someone in to make repairs while you are out at the beach, if it’s ok with you, or to at least schedule someone in advance to make it easier to handle the issue upon your checkout.

Reasonable wear and tear is the responsibility of the property owner, but we need to be notified as things are getting worn out so we can let the owners know. If you cause any damage in or around the property, please confess immediately so that we can take care of fixing it. If you selected to have an insurance policy, we will submit a claim with CSA and take care of all of the paperwork for you.

In case of an extreme emergency, after normal business hours, please call your Rental Agent Heather Knowles at 410-726-5629.  This is for emergency calls ONLY.  Non-emergency calls will be responded to the next business day.  Please note that equipment failure and cleanings are NOT considered an emergency.

Lock outs are NOT considered an emergency.  If you lock yourself out after hours, call your Rental Agent Heather Knowles at 410-726-5629.  There will be a $50.00 cash fee for lockouts during the hours the office is closed, payable immediately when the Guest is admitted to Property.  If an agent cannot come to unlock the door for you, it is the guest’s responsibility to call a locksmith at your expense. If you are locked out during business hours you may borrow a key by coming to our office during office hours.

Parking is sometimes limited.  Ask your agent for the number of spaces available.  Boat trailers, motor homes, and campers are not allowed in most areas.  Street parking for Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach require a parking permit.  Parking permits cannot be used at the parking meters in the center of town, only at designated areas on the side streets.  Some owners provide parking permits, and you are welcome to purchase permits at our office. (For more information on parking permits, please go to the city’s chamber of commerce website which can be found on the bottom of this page.) Two keys are given with each rental property at check-in.  Additional keys, if available, may be obtained at the agents’ discretion. 

Most pools and tennis courts are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The opening and closing varies and is at the discretion of the building or community.  These amenities are closed periodically for maintenance and/or cleaning without notice; there will not be any compensation for non-scheduled closings.

In the event of a cancellation or transfer, you are responsible for the full amount of your original agreement.  Only IF we are able to re-rent the original property (new agreement for the same time period and dollar amount) will all your rental monies be refunded (less a 15% penalty on total gross rent).  All cancellations must be put in writing and received by our office prior to re-renting.

Below are a few links that will help you have an enjoyable experience at our lovely beaches and will provide parking information, community affairs, and calendar events.
We hope you enjoy your stay.  Our owners have opened their homes up to you; they want you to be comfortable and their home to become your home.

By receiving this information and paying your balance in full, you accept all information and policies outlined. We are not responsible for misprints.  

Enjoy your stay and we appreciate your business!