If you have ever visited Florida for Christmas, you may notice its difficult to get caught up in the holiday season when the temperatures rarely fall lower than 70 and the sun is always shining. Singing Christmas carols from the stern of a boat while wearing your favorite fur lined bikini falls flat, and drinking margaritas instead of eggnog spoils the cheer.

But you won’t have to worry about when you take your Christmas vacation in Rehoboth Beach! Offering the lure of the ocean and yet still managing to emit the feeling of Christmas, our beach town doesn’t close down for the winter holidays; our town comes alive! Here are some more reasons Rehoboth Beach is the best option for your holiday vacation.

Santa is Happier in Colder Climates

And your children will be ecstatic over visiting him in his beachside home. Santa’s House on the Beach has the jolly old elf in residence every Saturday from Thanksgiving until the 23rd of December. Bring your children, your holiday spirit, and maybe a little extra cash for the donation box; a visit to Santa is free at this beach house!

Christmas Lights Twinkle Brighter Against the Freshly Fallen Snow

Winter WonderFest’s Light Spectacular features a light-filled drive through Cape Henlopen Park. Open from 5 until 9 nearly every night from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, the light show only gets better every year! This year they have over 90 separate displays, and you only need to pay one small fee per vehicle to get in!

Christmas Presents Cost Less in Delaware

Even Santa likes to pick up a little something for Mrs. Claus after a long day of listening to the children’s wishes in Delaware, and in this state, all purchases are tax-free! So, go ahead and spoil the wife and kids while you’re here; if you really think about it, you’re saving money while on vacation, which almost never happens!

Laid Back Means Less Stress and More Fun

There’s no need to fix a fancy feast, buy presents for second cousins twice removed, no house to clean, and no errands to run. The only thing we insist you do during your stay in Rehoboth Beach is relax, recharge, and revel in the laidback beach vibe!

Christmas is About Family

Binge watch Christmas movies, bake some cookies, and enjoy a close-knit Christmas in your cozy cottage; reserve your Rehoboth Christmas escape today!